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Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is widely used by businesses for their brand and aggrandize their sales. An EDM is the most straightforward form and is concentrated on blast email send-outs. It entails having customer and future customers email database, and it dispatching their promotional offers.
Technologies today have positively superseded the lives of many. For example, with one click, you can do marketing online using email; and you can send and communicate to the customers within a few hours. Furthermore, by utilizing templates online, you can complete the process quickly. Traditionally, this kind of work can be achieved in a couple of weeks, but today, it can be completed within a few hours by only one person. 

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Nature and Benefits of EDM

It is more Targeted

Unlike the traditional forms of modern marketing, it is not a typical type of trial and error to see if it works. EDM blast always tends to be more targeted. Other than this, the recipients of the email have also developed a great deal. They can now easily distinguish between a genuine and bogus company as they are more judicious these days.

It is more responsive.

Mobile users are always increasing every year. Today, study shows that people spend more time on their phone than watching the Television. The salient thing with EDM is that it maximizes the customers that are mobile users. Therefore, it is not difficult for EDM to render captivating content across various types of devices.

Why choose us for your EDM

We have the best EDM

Email Marketing automation can help you send voluminous emails to your target audience quickly. This includes MailChimp, iContact, and Constant Contact. However, it is always imperative to consider the labor requirement connected with every tool to prevent trouble and conflicts in the future. The ideal automation tool should not be the same as your marketing budget and team; you should first consider uncomplicated software that will not require huge overhead. Fortunately, we, at Digital Hub, offers the best EDM in Singapore.

We comply with the laws and regulations set forth by the internet.

Aside from avoiding not being time-consuming in sending emails to many people, it is also worthy to note that the existing laws on the internet govern us. Singapore’s government can always access online resources, one of its key responsibilities as a well-developed nation. They have implemented wireless networks island-wide to ensure that everybody can use them, making Singapore one of the most tech-savvy countries in the world. In the course thereof, the Singapore government do not allow its users to abuse this platform deliberately. With regard to this, we can assure you that our company complies with the laws and regulations of Singapore.

We can determine why people unsubscribe

This is inevitable in every business; there is no such business in the world that gets 100% of the customers all over the world. However, it would be best not to undermine what made the customer decide to unsubscribe and refuse to repeat the same mistakes. If you cannot convince them before they go, note why they have decided to leave, and contemplate that for future improvements. These are not about giving you a downfall, but it is an opportunity for improvement. We can help you determine the reason why people unsubscribe and help you with the best of our knowledge to avoid it.

Other strategies we can help you with

Upsell your services and products using EDM

If you have successfully established your business and gained many customers, we can help you try to cross-sell services and goods to them. Just keep in mind that you should not be too marketing-oriented to abstain from damaging the image of your business. There is nothing wrong with campaigning for your services and goods. Just make sure that the email’s content is useful, fresh, and valuable.

Be opportune

You can make use of different seasons for the growth and marketing of your brand. For instance, you can send them emails for discounts during the festive seasons. In addition, you can send out emails during tax season that contain how your products can effectively help them deliver their returns accurately, efficiently, and quicker. You can also offer discounts to potential customers if they are at the last stage of the sales or revenue funnel. If you don’t know any of this, we can help you figure out how to use such opportunities.

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Establish services for native speakers

As native speakers can effectively understand local needs and language, offering a business owner the chance to transfer detailed product information to certain groups of people. To understand the cultures’ needs is to know the customers’ needs fastidiously. Therefore, it is also important to hire a native speaker to diversify your business in a local population.

Test your email

You must try and research various navigating parts in your marketing email strategy. All the information you have gathered will surely help you discover more areas for improvement, either you need to improve or delete. Some of the email marketing tools will let you test wording, locations, and sign-up forms to know what tool will best work for your site. Moreover, some devices also have reporting tools so you can monitor your metrics.

Send question surveys for preference

Axiomatically, Singapore’s Malay language is widely spoken by Malays, Chinese, English, and Tamil. Sending question surveys to every individual allows you to get the list using other parameters such as income, geographic location, gender, etc., which are noteworthy to your goals in campaigning. By gathering the data, it will help you divide your list correctly for everyone.

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